Early and unwanted pregnancy in teenage girls has been a serious problem to the educational growth of most African countries. Due to the increasing rate of poverty in most countries the girl child education is eroding.

Girl child Education in Western Africa is mostly considered unnecessary in the society due to the strong belief that females are only a source of wealth to their parents by givin them away for marriage as soon as they reach puberty. This therefore poses a great deal of problem for girls who actually wants education.

Moreove, due to poverty and arrogance behaviour of the society towards the girl child education, these girls are left to fend for their education which makes then turn to the only possible solution which may require them to become street hawkers, peddlers and hucksters, while some depend on men who are able to meet their needs and demands in exchange for their body, which either way often leads to an early and unwanted pregnancy or deadly disease such as HIV/AIDS, whereby the street hawker and peddlers are exposed to rape, And the men who claim to care will flee.

This however takes a toll on their education because then they either drop out of school and have the baby or in most cases seek abortion which may lead to future health problems or even death.

Lots of actions has been enforced to this effect by “UNICEF” through media advertising and introducing social awareness clubs which visits schools to educate the females on the matter. And this has also lead to the free educational right passed on by the new Government, which sadly isn’t enough.

Most of these teenage girls who have gone through these ordeals find it very difficult to get back to their normal lives, with the presence of a new baby comes with new responsibilities that might be too much of a task for a teenager to handle, which in most cases results to the baby been mistreated and blamed for ruining their hopes and dreams.


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