Power supply is one of the factors that aids the improvement of the educational system of any nation, but what happens when this factor is inadequate.

Nigerias power supply company was recently privatized with over $100 billion poured in by investors in the hopes of improvements and actuallisation of the VISION 2020 project, which due to the oil-rich situation of Nigeria should have the capacity to provide electricity to all its 150 million citizens, the privatization which also lead to the change of the name Nigeria Electric Power Authority ‘NEPA’ to Power Holding Company Of Nigeria ‘PHCN’.

But even with these changes there has been so little improvement in power supply, with many parts of the country still without electricity. This situation has affected the country’s education and learning standards in many Universities and Colleges, due to little or no electricity supply on hostels and campuses it makes it difficult to study during night hours without developing health problems such as eye problems resulting from the use of lantern and in most cases death due to too much inhalation of toxic fumes from generators.

This problem of epileptic power supply from ‘PHCN’ has posed a conundrum that has resulted into series of riots and protests from students in different states and universities. The most recent which involved students from University of Ibadan (UI) who grounded all academic, commercial and administrative activities on the campus and took to the streets bearing placards and banners with various inscriptions, chanting war songs and condemning ‘PHCN’ for making learning harrowing for them, crying out to the public most of the students made note that they have spent too much on diesel for private generators and Electric bills which are not given to them. Hopefully this problem will be addressed quickly so as to improve the education as well as living conditions of the citizens.


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