Vision year 2020 is a dream set out by the federal government of Nigeria, initially by the former president Gen. O. Obasanjo and carried on by the current president Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. It’s a strategic goal and Vision which aims to launch Nigeria into the league of the top 20 economies by the year 2020, it further entails that by the year 2020 Nigeria would have had a tremendous improvement, to become a country which can be compared to the economic standards of USA. Over the past 5 years lots of developments and projects has being set in motion to help see this dream manifest in the country.

In the Educational sector, it is believed that Nigeria will attain vision 2020 through science and technology. The Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Content Development and Monitoring Board, Engr. Ernest C. Nwapa has affirmed science and technology as the bedrock of development and a means to achieve a viable educational case for the actualization of this dream.

Engr. Nwapa made note on the importance of science and technology in a speech on the occasion of vision 2020 career counseling, industry awareness and youth empowerment, held in lagos a few months ago.

During this workshop a conclusion was revealed that a career in science, technology, oil and gas industry will be of great help to the Nigerian youths and the nations dream, and these career path requires science subjects such as physics, chemistry, mathematics.

Seeing the great opportunity that abound in oil and gas industries, the Federal Government under the leadership of Dr. Goodluck jonathan, signed in to law the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act in April 2010 which was geared towards developing and improving Local indigenous capacity with the view of enabling Nigerians to participate in development of the country’s oil and gas industry that would generate an estimated 300,000 job opportunities for Nigerians the next five years.

A country’s development without the involvement of youths is an exercise in futility, Nigerian youths are very highly endowed and encouraging them to participate gives them the opportunity to accept new and greater responsibilities.


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