Cinema entertainment has always been a highlight of places and things, without cinema entertainment is left unbalanced. Nigeria’s entertainment industry has always made efforts to measure up to standards following the lead of pioneers Hollywood.

Nollywood’s tv shows and movies still needs a lots of work, from the acting, directing, scriptwritting, all the way to the production and marketing, lots of minor and major flaws are made which if corrected will make a positive difference.

It seems
Nollywood has run of storylines for movies, recent movies are always the same, just with different actors, one can even predict the outcome of a movie just by looking at the names, not subtle at all. Making a good movie requires money but what difference will it make when the other pieces of the puzzle are missing, for instance there’s no use of wasting a huge sum of money to make a movie when there are no good or impressive storylines and directing, imagine making a movie titled “MY ONLY LOVE” which is in the same storyline and exactly the same name as another movie titled “MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE” produced on the same year.

Other sectors that has major problems are the duration of movies and the production. It takes nollywood 2 – 3 months to make a movie, what’s the rush in production, this is a major problem, the hurry and urgency in producing a movie makes these movies worthless. Judging from this it’s obvious that if more time are put into the production of nigerian movies, it’ll yield a great outcome. Great Hollywood movies produced by notable production companies takes at least 10 – 12 months, this helps to fix flaws.

Another issue that still pose a setback is duration of movies, a good movie only take about 1hr – 2hrs at most but nollywoods movies takes 3hrs per movies and the most frustrating part is that most of them always have about two to three sequels. What takes up all the time in these movies, maybe it’s because of the irrelevant addition of unnecessary scenes, take for example a man going to work, steps out of his house, enters his car and drives all the way to work. ‘what the hell’


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