Nigerias educational systems which has shown rapid improvements over the years has now reached out to ex-convicts, with the help of benevolent organizations the opportunity of education is been made available for ex-convicts. The life recovering pre-release empowerment programme also known as project “ONESIMUS” took off in 2009, and has since then produced over 100 university graduates. This project which was set in motion by THE PRISON FOLLOWSHIP OF NIGERIA (PFN) in col-laboration with THE NIGERIA PRISON SERVICE (NPS) for the purpose of preparing beneficiaries for a productive life after serving their jail time, to give hope to the incarcerated and rejected inmates and ex-inmates not just for their sake but for the entire society as well.

The Executive Director Brr. Benson Ngozi Iwuogu who was present at the graduation ceremony of the former inmates made note that Nigeria’s prisons could not have been brimming with inmates if our leaders are doing the right things and Nigerians enjoying their socio-economic rights, stating that until the leaders finds a way to give every Nigerian a meaninful bite of the national cherry, the call for patriotism and assurance of safety and security would remain hollow and hypocritical.

This project has benefited a lot of people, because most of these inmates are able-bodied and young men and women who are just unlucky, most of them are charged with minor environmental or revenue offense and some are awaiting trial that will never come. The education which includes degrees, diplomas and many more has really changed the lives of many, the education which is based on different fields and aspects from Agriculture to Trading has provided them with a steady and legitimate source of income.

Why shouldn’t they get the opportunity to make a living, just because they were mistreated by the more priviledged and powerfull doesn’t mean they have to spend the rest of their lives being misreabble. This programme “ONESIMUS” is a blessing to the development of Nigeria’s Educational System and should be recommended for many African countries.



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