Presently in Nigeria, the lecture demonstration methods are frequently used in teaching mathematical sciences, base on these principles and theories and facts are memorized for examination purposes only. In view of the above, the students do not show adequate positive attitude to mathematical sciences. This is obvious from the low enrolment in the school certificate science discipline. Records show that out of the large number of students who enter for science based disciplines in WAEC, there is a great number of failures in mathematics science and percentage of students within WAEC grades 1 – VI is low. Oyedeji Noah Bisi (1986) at the 9th Convocation Ceremony of College of Education, llorine, argued that this is why the students’ intake, into the university that was formally dominated by Arts has now been reversed in favour of science students by the National University Commission, (NUC) which now stipulates the ratio of 60 : 40 for Science and Arts education respectively.

In spite of this increased ratio of students in terms of admission facility, not many students qualify to do mathematics science. Yet, Nigeria is struggling to be one of the technological and scientific advanced countries in the world. How can this struggle successful with the low intake in science? This will destroy our hopes to be among the scientific and technologically developed country in the world.

Something must be done to change this ugly situation and improve the size of science students intake before our educational system is shattered.