NOLLYWOOD HIGHWAY Action and Romance

Nollywood, A very commendable franchise almost a comparison to hollywood, it is Nigeria’s pride and has been a lot of years. With a fantastic improvements over the years. I can honestly say that it’s a wonder how much nollywood industry has accomplished with the help of the great actors and actresses and let’s not forget the thoughtful scriptwriters, directors, producers and the rest of the crew.

Earlier i mentioned that nollywood’s almost a comparison to hollywood, well that might’ve been an understatement because judging from recent movies it seems that the industry is moving backwards instead of forward which is really disappointing.

It’s due to the low funding and money budget on movies which resulted to the unavailability and of needed technologies and equipments to facilitate the making of good movies with good special effects and illusions, so that limits the industry to some specific types of movies which are:-

=>Romance and Drama
=>Thriller and Horror (basically witchcraft)
=>Tragedy and Comedy,

Now i’d like to go into a little detail about their qualities.


Now i’ve seen a lot of movies in both Nollywood and Hollywood so when you compare these two in terms of the Actions movie, well if this was the plot in “sophies choice film” it would have been a shorter movie.

Nollywoods version of action movies are mainly based on Gunfights which are robbery,gangs and political disputes. In a sum up it’s just the same genre with different storylines, i think there is no doubt when i say that improvements are needed which require money and time, because currently movies are not on the Nigerias budgets, so i guess only time will tell if the action films made in the future will be something to write home about. Action which is a very important movie genre has been butchered by Nollywood.


Oh romance, now majority of nollywoods movies are based on this ‘romance’, this is so because like i mentioned earlier due to the low financial budgets being made to movies, the necessary equipments and technologies that could have helped increase the radius and range of movie genres were not acquired, so they were forced to make do with what they have.

So bringing us back to romance which is basically love stories made into movies, has taking a different turn in the nollywood industry, cause it seems as though they have run out of storylines, they were forced to improvise with the introduction of a hollywoods style of romance. Now, actors are been paid more to act romantic scenes that involves sexual acts. Due to the fact that it was newly introduced the acting became very poor and degrading. Why is it so? Is it because the actors are trying too hard or the directors are not doing a very good job, or maybe it is because of the fact that these scenes were introduced to mimick the hollywoods style of acting for the sole purpose of marketing movies, because it seems like the viewers taste in movies changes by the day, but these scenes are becoming a great challenge to the actors, well what career doesnt have challenges huh, so in the process of trying to keep up with the new this new style of acting, the acting are most of the time a bunch of awkward kissing and body groping.

Now i know i prefer my romantic movies with intense romance but even without these amateur sexual acting romantic movies can still be romantic, i mean take the mexican and philipines ‘telenovela’ for example even without these sexual scenes intense and in-depth romance can still be achieved. But maybe this how the viewers and fans prefer it, not me though i would rather i watched a boring documentary about meerkats than endure a whole 3hrs of awkward acting which involves subtle lines and very poor scenes.

Is this issue going to turn out or improve for the better, my only opinion is maybe if the directors and scriptwritters did better at their work we would have great movies, maybe even one to compare to titanic.


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