Students may be confused even when real object are made use of to solve mathematics problems not to talk of when only symbols as used to do this. It’s hoped that when illustration with physical object coupled with dramatization is made use of in teaching different concepts in mathematics, students’ understanding might improve. The lecture method, of teaching has been described as a verbal and one way communication channel during which the teacher speaks and the students listen with little or on contribution to the learning process while games and simulations method is seen as doing by example method of teaching with the students participating and handling instrument during the learning process. Numerous mathematical games exist which are used in teaching and learning of various concepts and skill in mathematics. Some of these games include Ludo, drought or checkers; azego or okwe(igbo), number games and puzzle and monopoly. Etc.

These games mentioned above provides enjoyment and recreation. They also simulate mathematical thinking and also generate excitement and spirit of competition. Mathematics games also provid reinforcement to both losers and winners. For the losers the will try to overcome their defeat, the winners will endeavour to maintain their lead.

Owa (1988) identified two kinds of games as concept and logical games. The concept games are introduced during lessons before logic games. It is used to ascertain the previous experience students’ have and the extent to which the concept have developed while logical games are in teaching attribute discrimination. Games and simulation methods being a method which compels the learner to learn to teache by example and the students learn through seeing and touching as major means of communication in the classroom learning. Ezeani and Maduewesi (1999) declared that different methods of teaching should be used in the class by skillful teachers so as to effectively teach his class.

The went further to say that a skillful teacher user as many method as possible because of the fact that there is no single methods which will be described as best for every situation. Hence, the success of using different methods depend greatly on the teachers analysis of the education purpose of such subject, the ability and age of the students in the class and the subject matter that will be treated. Thus a proper teaching and learning situation can be achieved by making use of other appropriate teaching methods. B58 GYRG58 ZX5


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